Pre-Alpha Patch 0.2008


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Jun 1, 2017
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  • Refactored the entire player save and load system to use the new frontier method, this will allow a quick and easy transition to the new backend once the time comes and also allow future proof any new thing that might need backend persistence (crime datapads, cpc database, etc)
  • Heavily improved UI performance, removed all tick based UMG bindings to be event driven, things like condition bars, stats, etc, only update when the number changes and not checked every frame, which should bring some hefty performance improvements
  • Improved industrial performance, added another entrance to faction hq through teleporters
  • Added new industrial music, courtesy of Litheius
  • Increase healing shard psi requirement
  • Adjusted med pistol fire rate and healing
  • Removed dynamic shadows from terminals
  • Mars kitchen can now be accessed from the service tunnels
  • Removed player shadows for now
  • Removed hair physics for now
  • Reduced ammo weights, pistols have lower weight than autos, autos have lower weight than semis, energy ammo has 50 less weight than their ballistic counterparts
  • Increased med healing times, decreased their weight
  • Heavily improved wearables networking, should hopefully reduce or remove entirely the issues we've been having with face/eyes clipping through helmets or performance hits due to failing to load them in time
  • Increased deployable turret health to 8500
  • Improved armor glow emissive, same value but colors should be brighter
  • Adjusted some weapon fire sounds
  • Adjusted medical item mesh sizes
  • Adjusted beam weapon particles, flamethrower now has a hit particle
  • Flamethrower now deals 3x damage to deployables
  • Mining tool adjustment, now it only consumes 50 ammo during a successful tick instead of draining it constantly, this will make manual mining more consistent due to heat/ammo making you miss a tick and lose all that ammo for nothing
  • Fixed item information float clamping (healing efficiency showing as 15.0000001, etc)
  • Fixed ballistic sniper's rof being the same as energy sniper
  • Possible fix for the white square issues, this shouldn't occur anymore, previous fix did work with action bar, but this one should prevent the equipment/regeneration from disappearing
  • Possible fix for broken concrete pillars in Aurora
  • Fixed an issue that allowed inputs during the loading sequence
  • Possible fix for a crash when opening a new ui window
  • Fixed a server production crash
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