Printing new UC into the economy and deleting it

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Chip Lawrie

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Jun 1, 2017
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Terran Defense Corps
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Personally I'm in favour of allowing the TU to set a tax rate. They then have to either justify their spending (prob via some form of maintenance mechanic) or use force of some sort to ensure payment.

EDIT: I'd also like mechanics to allow colonial governments to secede and to change government types.



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Jul 29, 2017
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Man what the fuck is heffernan talkin boot. Also good idea chip, colony owners can choose to be apart of the union or not
Oct 13, 2017
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@BioXide I'm excited to see you're showing interest in this core issue, as it can easily cause stagnation of the game because of a few common pitfalls after an economy gets going full speed:
  1. New/casual players run out of money really quickly, lose interest in the game given a high cost of entry to do anything interesting, and eventually churn off, or depend on "grinding" to enjoy a few hours of legitimate gameplay in a given week. If the game isn't fun for new/casual players, it will never grow
  2. Long-standing players can accrue stupid amounts of money in MMOs - so much the money is essentially "free" and there's no incentive to be fiscally responsible -- There's no reason to worry about money because anything you can spend it on costs so little it's essentially funny m
  3. There's no incentive to spend money, whether to invest it or do anything with it, so it sits and might as well not exist, making things harder to sell by reducing the number of buyers

Back when I dabbled on some very old MP servers (8-10 years) these issues came up pretty often and basically disincentivized good behavior -- AKA behavior that made the game fun, interesting, and active wasn't natural. As a result, people had to "come up" with reasons to create wars/conflicts, etc. which takes away from the excitement of true "motive"

Here are a few ideas with this in mind:
  • Set up some kind of "Universal Basic Income" system for new/casual players who churn through cash quickly - incentive those interested in "making money" by catering to this "new/casual player" audience that gets a steady income. Find a way to prevent abuse by ensuring users must be unique (max one benefit per account, restrict to those who pay monthly fees, require you have a unique active forum account, etc.)
  • Carefully balance "new" PvE cash generation options (mining, hunting, farming) with cash degeneration methods - there should be a range of money created every day to control inflation against total active players per week - adjust these methods actively to maintain the financial range (lore events such as mining disaster, virus outbreak kills crops, etc.)
  • Consider "labor intensive" PvE cash generation to make it require "real work" (ie low ranks mining out certain highly precious minerals needed to make high quality guns, armor, etc.) to incentivize other, more fun ways to make money (hacking, contracts, etc.)
  • Incentivize players to pursue high risk PvP cash generation (hacking, robbery, colony takeover, arrests instead of kills) -- Help factions be motivated to promote PvP ways to make money
  • gradually tax players/factions with large bank accounts or low cash movement (amount of money spent / day) to prevent stagnation of those funds
  • Find ways to financially balance factions with larger active player bases to prevent snowballing economic activity -- Potentially taxes/fees for each player above a certain rank, and restrict access to faction resources/benefits at that rank, etc. Make Factions have to work hard financially to maintain their player bases.
  • Incentivize all types of purchases for players at all economic levels (sell new planets / attractions / auctions to funnel money out of the server)
  • Incentivize war - if every faction is at peace, the game's economy will stall (after all, it's a primarily combat-driven economy)
  • Keep money flowing between the richest 10% and the bottom 50% to prevent stagnation
  • Add a R&D layer that creates a random amount of "investment" in time and money to develop certain higher quality/stronger equipment PMODs (or whatever schematic system is used) - create a wider spectrum of items in terms of availability, quality, or special abilities (such as the usage of an alternative, stronger materials, etc.).
  • Add seed-based quality for each production type to incentivize people to spend more money on "factory new" equivalent of weapons/armor -- don't just offer 3 static quality types
  • Add more variables to equipment/weapons/ammo via mods or anything that makes it worth to "always be searching" for a 1-2% better weapon in a given week, so they spend a lot of money to keep doing this. Borderlands-esque model would create very strong incentive to keep spending money, mods that protect / insure your special guns during cloning, etc. Otherwise it feels worthless to spend any money past your "basic faction loadout"
  • Unique flats / apartments / customization of furniture and other items is a great money sink
  • "bounty hunter" ammo would be an interesting mechanic that could raise funds for PD and also give them a relationship with contractors / renegade cops
  • 85-90% of taxes should feel meaningful and player driven. Use the remaining 10-15% to keep money flowing back to those who spend it the most (and keep the economy flowing)
Overall the two most important metrics are A) total cash in the game and B) total cash flow between players/factions per week. This is what keeps the game alive and fun for new/casual players, which means a more active and engaged player base



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Jul 5, 2017
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Personally I'm in favour of allowing the TU to set a tax rate. They then have to either justify their spending (prob via some form of maintenance mechanic) or use force of some sort to ensure payment.

EDIT: I'd also like mechanics to allow colonial governments to secede and to change government types.
In terms of how the TU should handle its money, all TU tax income should not go to the agencies but to an executive body that decided what proportion goes to the Military, what portion goes to the CPC and how much should go into the executive's reserve. This would give the agencies something to fight over and may spark some interesting conflict. The TU will need to spend money on keeping its troops and police equipped by buying weapons from the corps and it is only natural that this contract should go to an organisation in good standing that monetarily recognises the value of being in the TU. If defensive turrets and drones will also need to be replaced when destroyed that is another lucrative contract that could go to a deserving corp. Ensuring that there is a constant flow of money and equipment between the TU agencies and the factions that supply them.
The other factions would fit into this by either supplying their services (mercs, independent ecoers) or by skimming from this flow (Syndicate).

In terms of allowing secession I would rather give colony owners and factions the options to select how much tax they can pay to the TU, the TU can set a tax rate that it wants the faction to pay and it is up to the faction how much they want to send. Colony owners would also have to option to ignore TU laws, things like choosing who has the ability to arrest (non most wanted) people on the colony, turning the PP sensors off, allowing illegal items to be traded between storages and sold on the market. The colony owners would not be able to stop MW players from being arrested or allow non CPC approved factions to arrest on their colony.
In return the CPC can take away a faction's ability to inflict PP penalties on its members, put a MW bounty on players, set the legality of various items, disable the PP system on a colony and allow other factions to arrest on specific colonies. This way a faction can effectively secede by disabling the CPCs arrest ability and paying no taxes but the consequences for doing so will probably be severe. You factional exclusives may become illegal The flip side is that by keeping your faction integrated with the pp system and friendly with the TU you are better able to handle criminals by having then gain PP for attacking your stuff and allowing your security forces to arrest them so they don't bother you any more.
You should either want to be a member of the TU for the benefits it provides or at the least be wary of the consequences of leaving.
Having the GD act like a police state but rely heavily on game mechanics rather than factional strength to impose this was not a fun thing to have to deal with.
Oct 8, 2017
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Sink: Taxes: 1% (round up) of everything in credits (and I mean everything, personal funds, factional funds, apartment value, contract rewards, mission rewards, anything that can be measured in credits except prices of gear on the market) is drained away every in game day regardless whether you logged or not.
Faucet: Welfare: 1% of the whole amount of in game money (round up) is generated and divided in two halves, one is split among the factions equally, the other is spread among the players equally also. This should happen also every in game day.

About Bio's ideas:

The vigilante reward thing could come perfectly from the CPC faction funds, that way they have some competence and are forced to do a better job if they want to be payed at the end of the day.

The rest pretty much could come out of money in accounts deleted due to inactivity, similar as what happened in FoM with the Alien Pool. Likewise gear deleted this way could also go into the rewards. It becomes a bit like gambling, you never know when you are going to be the winner and earn a brand new Doa as a reward for mission X. If the pool depletes you can always generate cheap gear (thinking of ammo clips, medkits and boosters) without resorting to printing money and devaluating the credit.

Final rant:

I understand perfectly the need for solo content specially for new players who haven't understood yet how the game works, for graveyard shifts when no one else you like is online and to rebuild yourself if you've been wrecked. But no one wants goldsellers spamming their websites on general chat from the safety of their apartments. Also no ones wants the typical mmorpg hyperinflation that causes new players (and some old ones) to insta-quit when they realize they have to do 5000 random missions just to afford a single Zanny clip on the market.
I totally disagree with taxing everybody 1% every in game day, you are massively punishing rich people for contributing to the player driven economy and will prevent people from wanting to build funds and contribute to economy.
Oct 8, 2017
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For example, If the economy was to move into full force during war time, and a player spend hours upon hours dedicating time crafting items for the war machine and striking it rich, once the war ends, the player is going to be stuck will a whole pile of money in which they can't sell enough items to make up for the 1% tax.

This is the definition of stealing a players hard work. Not to mention, as the game progresses players who craft (or do anything for that matter) will reach a cap at which it's not physically possible to accumulate more money per day than the 1% tax deducted.

In my personal opinion, money caps don't make sense. Yes there needs to be money sinks to reduce inflation, but in a market like FoM, the only reason prices inflated were due to lack of supply. Free markets encourage people to produce items at a lower price than a competetor.

If you want wealth distribution, I suggest the implementation of "companies" inside factions that have their own bank account and employee payroll. So new players can join a company inside the factions do simple chores to firstly, get introduced to game mechanics, and secondly make some money.

This does 2 things incentivises old players to teach new players for the benefit of their company, and speeds up the completion of contracts