Questions & Answers for Mankind Reborn


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Jun 1, 2017
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1. Do ya'll have future dates for players testing? If so, can ya'll share the dates?
2. What roles will citizens have if they refuse to join any faction? What are the ups and downs of staying as a citizen?
3. I see that under donations, $30 will get you Alpha Access. When is Alpha Access?
We currently have no fixed dates for testing sessions. The majority of sessions will be exclusively for donators, though.

We currently have no plans allowing players to play without choosing a faction. We're still very much open to suggestions, but feel like it would add nothing to the game overall.

Alpha will arrive when all the core mechanics have been implemented. Hopefully, this will be around the end of this year but there's no guarantee that it will.



Jun 17, 2017
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So alpha is $30, you're expecting the game to RRP for $40?