R&D Department for hard core factions

Jul 3, 2018
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Having a R&D department will bring more content to the game. It also allows each faction to progress and become more technologically advanced than the other factions. Faction leaders can assign roles (scientist) to other members. These scientist are responsible for researching ammo, gear, weapons, deployables, attachments, etc.

Faction leader tells who ever in charge of R&D department what they want to focus on. The manager of that department sets their research on that specific technology. Once researched, the scientist can modify the equipment, weapon, etc to meet the needs of the faction. Once modified, the scientist can test it out at their shooting range. If the scientist feels like it's good enough, they can show the manager. If the manager approves it, he can submit it to the FL. If he approves it, then the schematic will appear at factions production terminal where it stays.

Schematics can be stolen by other factions or civilians through hacking of the faction R&D terminal. Civilians can sell it to a black market or other factions for a high price. If a civilian wants to produce the modified weapon, they have to keep it in their inventory. If they're not using it, they need to take it to their storage so they won't lose it when they die.

Hari Seldon

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Jun 17, 2017
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Could you expand upon the mechanics being suggested here?

Eg questions:
How does technology progress?
What would be the method of the scientist players focusing in an area?
Is there anything else different mechanically about a player once designated a scientist?
What production method is being used to alter the base weapons to provide the refined schematic?

Not knocking the idea just saying would be nice to have a bit more info on the mechanics being suggested to underpin a R&D dedicated department.

The questions of if to have an R&D wing and how it is run would seem to be a organisational choice for the faction leadership the weight of which would fall on what exactly the mechanics are that might support/necessitate the existence of it so really the DEV part of the suggestion is around what the R&D process looks like.