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Jun 4, 2017
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Hello. I played MR for a little over an hour. I have noticed some things that may or may not already be in the works, but I thought I'd mention. I understand the game is a WIP - but here are my suggestions for the game that I played.

1 - Maps. A world map is extremely helpful. I am not used to world layouts and so getting lost was very easy. I'd assume it was a work in progress, but still worth mentioning the importance.

2- The in-game font. For some reason I found it to be difficult to read. It is very small and condensed. Potential solutions: Solution 1: Allow players to maybe increase the font size or whatever on their own, but I can only see many problems with this and causing weird bugs and overlapping and things. Solution 2: Increase font size and maybe change the spacing or color or something. I can't be the only one who thinks its hard to read. I have great eyesight and don't wear any sort of sight enhancer, and so this is strange to have problems with.

3- The ability to change chat channels by using keyboard buttons. Having to press esc and then click on the chat you want and then esc again is just tedious.

4- The ability to minimize the chat box - useful for when in combat or duels. It is very large.

5- The eventual removal of the global chat. Why would I play the game when I could just stand anywhere and communicate with everyone.

6- Being able to merge ammo by just dragging and dropping different clips onto one another.

7- I spent all of my uc right away and I have none left. Poor financial decisions, I know. I have already completed the trash contract which gave me like 450 uc, which means it is no longer available to me. I have a mining contract for Iron that requires 3,500 uc in order to mine the Iron, and then it probably costs uc to transfer my mined Iron to the required destination. All other contracts require like shooting something (requires ammo which is like 700 uc per clip), or some sort of uc spending activity. Am I supposed to just wait for trash to spawn and then just keep putting it into dumpsters for money, or am I missing something? Is there an alternative way of making money? One that isn't as boring? I guess I put myself in this position and should be willing to 'suffer the consequences' for my poor financial decisions, but this is going to take multiple hours of trash collecting to gain ~4,000 uc. Multiple hours that most people would spend doing something else. I mean this in a constructive way, not meaning to be harsh.

8- What is the point of the worker droid? He does nothing, and doesn't fight back when you shoot him. Maybe give the droid the ability to fight back or something, upon aggro? Maybe when within a certain distance he buffs the stats of the other droids? Or can repair them? Idk - just trying to think of a purpose for him.

9- There's something wrong with the brightness of the necars field world - my apologies, the name escapes me. Yeah the world seems abnormally bright.

I had some more suggestions but I guess I'll just respond to this post with them as they come back to me.



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Jun 3, 2017
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1. Minimaps are planned but not any time soon since making them is difficult and tedious and Bio is a 1 man dev team
2. I feel you
3. Press T to change between channels. I rebind mine to C
4. Theres an option to not always show chat in the settings
5. It will be removed once the game launched
6. I think its planned but for now you fan right click em to merge the ammo
7. You made the same mistake as the other 99% of people when they first entered the game. Shouldve asked for advice. Contracts resets at 00:00 UTC everyday. And if youre that broke then yea you need to do the trash contracts. And also it dont cost anything to transfer the stuffs for the contracts. I can maybe give you a bit of money if youre in GotC. And also no there is no other way to print money atm. There will be soon but for now only contracts gives out money. I suggest to always do the mining and the refining ones
8. The drone is there for immersion purposes
9. You can adjust your brightness in the settings. Or maybe you set your gamma too high



Jul 24, 2017
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As for 7, just collect garbage in the meantime while you build up enough uc (can deposit garbage into trash bins, most garbage bags can be found UC redlight district. ). Having about 3k-4k uc will be enough to kick start you into the mining contract grind which are all you need to do in order to make ~20-30k uc back if you do all of them. After those mining quests you can move onto the combat contracts (mainly the assault drone one).

Also its me sharkoraptor u taught me how to play the game when i was in eurocore ayy sup.
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Jun 11, 2017
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Yup do the garbage. It's a bit boring but gives you an excuse to wander around UC, think I've managed to work out the map now. I think you get 30 UC per bag of trash, but more if you're doing a contract.

Also, you can always go into the sewers (fastest way is to vort there) and drag rogue drones over to the security drones, run around for a little bit while they do their thing and then pick up the loot. I hope that stays in the game lmao
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