Short story - "Indents"



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((Thread name is suppose to be Indents, I'm a horrible editor.))
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With the exception of the sound of a small chunk of rock bouncing of the hull of the shuttle. The ride was just that, silence. Not one of the twenty passengers in this cramped space spoke up. All of them lost in their own thoughts, fears and happy place. They sure as hell weren't on their way to some pleasure hub with more booze and women than you can possibly hope to finish enjoying. It was the exact opposite.

The Belts

My god, you slip up and the courts toss you a twenty year sentence? Good chance that sentence is gonna be turned into a brutal death sentence with just a few credits handed to the right official. The belt colonies are the hells old age religions spoke of to strike fear into the hearts of sinners and non-believers.

Everyone on this transport were on their way there. Like anyone cared if this pile of scum got sent there. Sex offenders, thugs, psychopaths, scapegoats and sometimes the guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The governments get to offload some trash and get paid for it. Can't hate that deal, can you?

Abel could, as he sat there silently looking down at the leash of plasma that connected his cuffs to the floor of the cabin. There was no point testing your strength trying to break free. Unless of course you wanted the security guard posted to bash your nose in with butt of his rifle. So all Abel could do was wait and take in his cramped surroundings. He was curious about what the two bulky figures beside him were in for but dared not speak. Last thing you want to do is make enemies with those that are gonna be suffering right alongside you. All Abel could do was speculate about those around him. Some had appearances that just made it more obvious about what kind of crime they commited. While still guessing, Abel shot his glance over to a thin passenger with tattoos on his face that linked him directly with The syndicate. Didn't even look like some big shot; but some low ranked punk that must be in for some robbery or murder, again, speculation.

What else was there to do to keep himself occupied? Count how many chunks of rock the shuttle bumps into? There was no telling how close they were to their destination. Abel lost track of how long he's been dragged along. Already he missed that shithole of a cell he had back in the North Star training facility. Despite not getting any time to even get comfortable and familiar with it. North star must be in a rush to need get bodies out here to plunder the belts for their precious minerals. Corporate greed at its finest.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of dead silence. It was broken as the door leading to the cockpits slid open and a booming voice erupted in the compact room “Listen up you shitheels!” everyone’s eyes shot up to a dark skinned man in combat gear complete with a stylish North star mining cap dripping with authority. You can see written on his face the years of tough love he went though and in his eyes a stare that will freeze you solid. “My name is Caldan Vibe and I have the unfortunate responsibility of introducing myself as your newly appointed Warden.”

A warden, fitting name for a figure of authority over a bunch of convicts. But Wardens are also in charge of the willing bunch of employees employed by North star. Caldan walked down the aisle between the seats of chained indents that look up to him with mixed emotions “I ain't your union representative, complaints recipient, momma and I sure shit ain't from the board of education!” He stops at the end of aisle and turns around to repeat his walk. The man spoke like a drill sergeant chewing up some fresh recruits Terran Defence corp. “So I better not hear a single one of you wasted lumps of biomass ask how your equipment works!” The Board of Education is a department within North Star mining that was responsible for giving new employees (including indents) the basic knowledge on how to do their job and do it effectively. However as indents the training rather rushed and the only thing Abel could recall was what switches to hit on his power jack and what tube of his survival suit that he doesn't want to get punctured while on the job. Good enough, right?

Calden continued his speech as he turns back around for another walk “You will work when i tell you, go on break if I'm in a good mood and sleep when I think you've earned it. You so much as take a shit without my blessing - You will be tossed in the ditch!”

The ditch? A vague enough name that had a negative undertone to it. But elusive to what the actual punishment is. Maybe that's how they wanted to keep it? Mysterious so you don't compare it to your rule-abiding life as an indent.

Calden comes to a stop, he has the door to the cockpits behind him “We're 20 KM out from your new home of Telrol 4! Once we dock you maggots will form a single file line out of this ship where you will go through checkpoints one at a time to be processed and tossed in with the rest of the filth! So wake up and get ready, because I don't want a single hold up!”

Calden stares everyone down who returns the glare silently. He grunts and turns around to the door. It slides open for him and he walks up the small staircase on the other side. The Indents are left to themselves Once again with a Black star officer silently keeping watch over them with a loaded rifle In hand. There was nobody to scream to for help, what was happening to Abel was happening. A cruel hand that fate felt he was worthy of.

Deep down Abel felt like he deserves this fate too.
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Fairly engaging, minor lore points and editing notwithstanding. I hope to see more.


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Chip is just concerned about you taking his job, don't listen to him.
On a serious note, found it quite interesting but the editing/sentence structure was somewhat headache inducing, so you should definitely work on that.
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