Story-line content generation

Storyline GMs?

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Nov 6, 2018
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The universe content is our way of expanding the game as a live service, so it will be mainly the team, although we'll implement suggestions from the community to tweak and improve it, also if there are some nice ideas backed by a number of players then that could make it into the universe content.

And regarding the player stuff, yes :D, we can tweak faction HQs during elections to showcase the candidates, modify a territory/colony after a big war, etc. The game itself will have most of these features (Deployable furniture, territory upgrades, etc), but if there's anything we can do on the engine side to spice up the game after RP events we'll do so.

The majority of the staff were hardcore FoM players, some from the 05 era, and most of us know deep down what the players want, so we want to make sure the game stays true to it's RP roots and we'll be supporting it heavily as long as it provides content for the players to enjoy.

That answers it for me. You guys are doing great I'll be lurking here and there until its released. Can't wait.