Tell me something about FoM's history.



Jun 11, 2017
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my memory is hazy but the BUILT name for the merc cell came from roids or gunba getting on Vent drunk and telling everyone that they are built like bodybuilders IRL, and it was a 3 hour drunk rant at the rest of them, so they decided to run with it as the cell name. Because they were pretty good/maybe the best fighters back then most everyone started copying them and their language.

Funny how they would make fun of the entire community for adopting their customs but back then they were viewed as elite and everyone wanted to be like them(at least in fom lol)



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Jun 2, 2017
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I killed GoM by removing their XLs



Dec 24, 2018
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A few pieces of the people who largely influenced the veteran culture behind Face of Mankind, BUILT.


So much of our playstyle, the way we talked to eachother, the way the community still talks to eachother is because of Built. Most of the good fighters in the game emulated their customs, and broke out of strict roleplaying styles as the game got older. While it may have been the death knell for roleplaying as the previous generations of players knew it in FoM, imo the "built culture" made the game a lot more fun

BUILT had a magnified effect on the entire community, and if most of them were still around would call me a spastic for pointing this out like a fucking nerd. And thats part of the culture that made it so great. They took nothing that seriously other than being a good fighter and it made for a lot of entertainment. consider:

ferin/roids/gunba/Anthony Kenta/evilbeefmarine/tornadium(?)/jakefolkoff were all built iirc among lots more im forgetting

also amusing that the whining about Built and how it affected "RP" in the game continues in to the present day. Most of the old time RP'ers made the game fucking boring. Conflict is what face of mankind was really about, and RP that went beyond that was cool, but people went over the top with out of conflict RP and thought that that style of RP was the end all be all of RP. It attracted a very certain type of combat-averse player which by the time Built showed up, had populated the game. To this day people like them still cry about it. Built was only around for a short time in FoM, but it had a huge effect on the community that you can still see today.

The built culture permanently transformed the community and made the more combat-apt players less RP constrained. Most of us became friends (if we weren't already) because of shared values of how the game should be. The heavy out of combat RP players did not agree, and it made for two sides of the community, at least when I was deep in to the forums of mankind. Back then I could pretty accurately name out most of the "friend groups" that existed in the community and I knew who was a fighter and who wasn't, who was an RP lord and who was a shitposter etc.

having a girlfriend is way better though

If BUILT was a song, it would be Guns and Pork

I still miss Anthony Kenta's forum signature.
Anthony kenta was a trashcan wtf? Kid even stole my name, what happened when I stopped playing all the noobs just joined mercs?



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Oct 24, 2017
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Here's an older post I made about my work in taking shit from sources (Primarily waybackmachine) and putting them into word docs so that the info won't be completely lost.