The Vullenkamp Convictions

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Jul 12, 2023

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Guns of the Conclave

I, The High Orator of The Vullenkamp Convictions, have been charged with the Divine Order of professing this forbidden knowledge to the Anointed and Unanointed alike. The path of The Vullenkamp Convictions will carry your soul to the Zenith of the Heavens at the Apex of Spiritual Enlightenment. The Vullenkamp Convictions serve to drive out the enemy and vanquish it through application of [Redacted]. Though numerous and cunning, the enemy will always succumb to the Spiritual might and prowess of a Vullenkamp Clergy. To that end I leave you to ponder the Doctrine and the First Vullenkamp Conviction.

Vullenkamp Doctrine
The [Redacted] is the weapon of the enemy. The [Redacted] is the bulwark against it. The enemy does not take form of [Redacted], but of [Redacted]. In our silence we also silence the enemy and destroy its ability to survive. Through this practice [Redacted] may be obtained in this life and all others to come for all eternity.

The Vullenkamp Convictions
1. Silence is Purity. Upon you is placed a ledger from which all obtained knowledge is to be applied to the Holy Censor.
3. [Redacted]
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14. [Redacted]
Admission To Clergy
The path to Anointment is bestowed on any who seek it. Take the Oath of the Censor before the High Orator and be endowed the [Redacted] required to obtain [Redacted]. Take not the Oath lightly, it is a soul-binding pact to yourself and the rest of the Clergy.
Clergy Duties
The Clergy is responsible for the perpetual undertaking of [Redacted] This constant test stands as a testament to their ability to [Redacted]. Through this trial one may prove themselves worthy of [Redacted]. The clergy is also tasked with The Divine Burden of [Redacted]. They shoulder the weight of immediate and relentless annihilation of [Redacted] without thought of consequence. Vullenkamp Clergy pursue knowledge of and uphold all Vullenkamp Convictions to one day obtain a state of [Redacted] in this life and all others to come for eternity.​