Thoughts and Suggestions after this test



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Jul 9, 2017
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Nothing wrong with the combat system at al imo. That's my favorite part about MR. Haha.



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Jun 1, 2017
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I'm going to have a Todd Maddux moment and say I'm pretty impressed with what I've seen so far.

A few observations on the videos bioxide linked.

The moving animations generally look okay but strafing and crouching look rife; as if you are meerkat popping up from a hole.

The aliens look unique but I think you will have missed an opportunity if you don't make their home world, or at least their lair, look scary. Making the world darker and less lusciously full of greenery can add to an atmosphere.

Combat looks as I would expect so optimistic for an improved version of FoMbat. I'm a little concerned that the maps seem to have a lot of wide open spaces, perhaps there can be small side streets, and I assume there will be boxes/terminals/random objects, that can negate the openness otherwise zergs and numbers will be a large factor on combat.

Will the map/compass in the top right be a fully functional map with building outlines? I think it would be better if landmarks were on the map and no building outlines so people can have an idea of where things are but they still need to learn the map, perhaps landmarks can be selected to create GPS like system so new players can know roughly where they go.

Some of the previous posts suggest there was a grind for gear or money to be properly involved in the E3 playtest. I suggest for further marketing events you think clearly about what aspect of the game you want to demonstrate. I. E. Cops vs gangs RP, military exercises RP, outer rim corporate wars etc and develop a controlled experience to showcase.
- Yeah the crouching animations look kinda ridiculous haha, I'll prob swap the crouching ones for another anim pack we have

- That's our plan with aliens, I really wanna go with an Alien/Dead Space vibe, our placeholder assets atm look nice but don't fit that agenda

- Agreed, we'll be balancing out the maps to support multiple playstyles, we'll also have other tools to close the gap and break the turtling caused by open spaces (nades, nade launcher, deployables, etc)

- We're still designing the mini-map and figuring out the best approach, but that idea sounds good and scale-able

- We will probably do something like that for our next test, it seems the best choice to retain more players, it's a pre-alpha after all, most don't want to play a buggy/unfinished game, so we have to make it more interesting and fun, our next test should come sooner that the previous one and it should have more fun stuff and less grind

My only concern is combat being slightly too fast. There is no opportunity to really recover from taking damage in group fights. I think armor and damage values are fine, I would just increase the regen to where not taking damage for 6 or so seconds with a full loadout popped should bring you back from near death.
Most of the values are from FOM's ana/pizza period, I did tone down the natural healing from .5 to .15 I believe, since we got feedback before E3 that the combat was really tanky, you can get around 4.x% healing per tick (with "XLs" and meth), so you can recover around 20% of your health in a single second by popping and injector and a med. Keep in mind players move a bit slower and have more consistent hitboxes than fom, so it's a lot easier to chain shots here. So far the combat has been pretty balanced, but we'll be tweaking values as we go along