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Jun 1, 2017
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Oda Zaibatsu
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Hi guys!

I'd like to release a small update in regards to the main website page that is currently in full development. Everything's coming along very nicely in terms of website development, and so the end product would be available somewhere around mid-July – but that's a rough estimate. It is all made from scratch and looks pretty amazing so far. There will also be mobile support for it as well. The main website resembles the forum theme.

The forums will also be integrated within the main website page. I would like to ask everyone to submit any suggestions/ideas they have for the main website page to the Suggestions-forum. Please keep in mind that everything is subject to change and what you see might not be in the final product.




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Jun 1, 2017
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[align=center]Updates to the forums[/align]
  • Changed to recaptcha
  • Updated support for Tapatalk
[*]Simply search for Mankind Reborn via the Tapatalk app search box.