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 Weekly Developer Updates

Discussion in 'Development Updates' started by BioXide, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. BioXide

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    Jun 1, 2017
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    Greetings Citizens of Mankind!

    **If there's really nothing to show then it might get moved to bi-monthly or monthly updates**

    First of all I would love to thank everyone who's been a part of the community, I never expected this to get huge in such a short amount of time, I literally only told like 2-3 people about the game and sent them some screenshots, set up the discord server and released the teaser video, from there on this just grew to a community of over 200 people and over $148 in donations so far, that's just fucking amazing!

    I had some PC issues right after the teaser video went live and that delayed my progress for over a week, but I've been working on the game and getting it ready for next month. We decided to delay the playtest to late-July so we can make sure the experience will be somewhat good (even tho this is really early in development). Also we will be purchasing a dedicated server so we can fit more people into the game and see what are the limits. This will help us A LOT in gathering data to optimize the game later on as we can see where most of the bandwidth is being spent on.

    Now, we have to decided to keep the community informed with weekly development updates on the forums, we will put what we've been doing, what's next, maybe some screenshots and Q&A to keep the community engaged with the development of the game, here's the "first" one.

    Game Development:
    - I've been spending all my time on making sure stack-able items work nicely, there's been some dupe bugs already and I've been ironing them out
    - Storage terminal fixes
    - Action bar fixes
    - Adjusting weapon/armor/booster values to FoM pre-attribute patch values, which is the time most of the community believed it had the best combat, so we are starting from there and adjusting as we move on development
    - Adding a cloning facility to earth
    - Adding "Vortex Gate and Nodes" to Earth, so players can vort to different nodes in Earth
    - Adding a simple market terminal where players can "purchase" all items available for testing
    - And other features that will be present during testing
    - Buske is preparing actual human characters so we can finally swap the generic space dude we've been using

    - Our writers are fleshing out the game's story, starting with the factions and the universe the game takes place in

    That's pretty much it for now, next week the formatting will be a bit better for these dev updates (So more information and structure), also let us know what you would like to learn/see about the game!

    And now for some screenshot dumps!





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