Who were you?

What Faction were you in during FoM?

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Jun 17, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
The Syndicate
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Well since I'm reading this, I may as well post.

I am not going to claim a faction or say I belonged in one more than another. My time spent in GoM, MotB, and BoS were valuable to my character play and each one I considered home. The best part of the game for me, was the RP. It didn't matter what faction I was in, I could go just about anywhere and feel welcomed.



Sep 2, 2020
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Started as a noob LED, as many others. Switched to EC and that was the best decision ever.
At least for a guy who didn't do much combat, that was a very enjoyable faction to be in.
From what I recall, ecoing meant a little bit of decisions and then just chilling a lot.
And EC gave me a small, enjoyable band of similarly minded people to hang out with.
Name was Skellum. I don't think I made it to a high rank, R4, maybe R5.